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Hello there NG!

2008-08-17 07:58:40 by ArtificialSkys

Just posting a little introductory on what's to become of this page.

I have been writing electronic music since I was a sophomore in high school. That was about 6 years ago, I've learned many new things along the way and experimented with loads of soft studios and vst's. My primary workstation right now is comprised of Reason 4.0, FLStudio 7, Lots of Vst's (posting on those at a later time) and my Korg Prophecy keyboard.

So far I've delved into many different styled of music: Trance, House, Ambient, Trip-hop and D'n'b as of late. There's really no sounds that I don't like....well maybe some of this new age screamo bull crap but I'm not going to go into any of that =p. To me sound is like a painters canvas, and my favorite things to do with sound is to paint a picture of what i actually feel. Don't get me wrong though sometimes it doesn't turn out like I planned it. But sometimes I lucky and decent music comes of it.

Anyways, before I came here I was an active member from the Sectionz.com community. As of the last couple years things have died down and most of the activity has ceased. I stopped releasing my music but I still kept producing. I have upwards of around 80-90 songs I have put out over the 6 years I have been writing and I am now again releasing/(re-releasing) them to the community. So what does that mean to you, My upcoming fans? Unfortunately I'm not going to release all of them, my standards have gone way up since i started and the quality of my oldest works are below what i want others to hear. Also I'm not going to release them all at once. I know, I hate waiting for things too but this will give members some time to go through other materials, folks don't always have time for just me.

The best things come in time, ill keep you all posted on what's coming up and what's new on this page here. You can also favorite me or however the NG system works im not sure. If you are an avid music producer I am also open for collaborations. (The last collab i did was with a gentleman in Florida, our tune was #1 on the sz charts for several weeks)

If you wish to contact me:


Askys (for short on NG since titles only allow 30 characters)

Hello there NG!


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2008-08-17 11:08:31

Hey man! I went and approved your stuff this morning. I love the sound of those pads. Love the lot of effects on those drums as well. You got any tips on how to create that classy, chill sound in the beginning of your tune with Reason? And that plucky thing 'round 2:20?

Keep it up, I'm looking forwards to hearing more from you.

ArtificialSkys responds:

Those initial pads at the beginning are actually two pads, Pad 1 is the most prominent one (the phasing one) Pad 2 is more of a bell type sequence. I have Pad 1 as my carrier thru my vocoder and Pad 2 as my modulation. After that i have a couple CV outs for the band shifts going to my pad LFO's. (i.e. gets the pad in motion) After all that pad 1's signal is doubled and stereo imaged/eq'd/compressed (yadda yadda) then filtering is applied for sweeps.

The Pluck sound is actually a Mute Telecaster 5th patch from the reason soundbank. It's just got some delay and one of my special scream patchs i always use to expand the sound on Auxiliary.

Hope that made some sense, i still don't know if the majority of users are familiar with reasons interface.